Director’s message - The Greatest Gif | A film by Juan Manuel Cotelo


“The good guy kills the bad guy and the audience applauds.” This is the typical ending for the perfect “happy ending.” But . . . isn’t something missing?

If violence was limited to the movie screen and used only as fiction . . .. it could work. But this is not the case.

Reality has shown us that the ancient rule of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is what we employ at every turn and the result is: divisiveness, rancor, hatred, violence, insults, and humiliation . . . .
Conclusion: this is not a happy ending, nor the end, but the beginning of an interminable series of unhappy chapters staring real people.

Faced with the bleak panorama of the culture of divisiveness and confrontation, we can be persuaded to join the conflict, or simply complain . . . or we can do something positive to undermined so many "haters” on the lose.

My option is clear: Action! I want to encourage a peaceful society by making known the effectiveness of forgiveness. I don’t know of any other solution that has the capacity to put an end to war.

Asking for forgiveness and forgiving works 100% of the time!

THE GREATEST GIFT manifests this, not with theories, but with real stories of reconciliation where peace finally triumphs over war. In each case, it seemed impossible.

That is why, I can’t be satisfied that THE GREATEST GIFT is only “liked.” I aim for something much more important: that it heals deep wounds in the hearts of our viewers. I hope that everyone finds the strength to ask for forgiveness and to forgive. This is what a happy ending is all about!